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At the beginning of this year I started a membership with Rocksbox, and seven months later I am more satisfied than ever. Rocksbox is a subscription-based designer jewelry rental company which lends members three pieces of jewelry at a time with unlimited exchanges for three new pieces. Members receive their three pieces from a stylist who uses a personal taste profile, your wishlist, and feedback you leave on previous pieces to curate a unique trio. After you are done wearing your pieces, you drop them back in the mail with the prepaid shipping label and envelope supplied with your pieces. The best part, in my opinion, is that if you fall in love with anything, you have the option of purchasing it at a 20% off members only discounted rate. Plus, each month you receive $10 shine spend that can be used towards the purchase of any piece. Color me obsessed!
Box 1 // Honestly, I was a little disappointed with my first box. I didn’t love the earrings, which is totally my own fault because I checked off both dangle and studs as my preferences during my style eval and in reality, I am rarely a studs kinda gal. I wasn’t a huge fan of the necklace, it’s very pretty don’t get me wrong, but not really my taste. BUT, I loved this bracelet. Like love, loved it! Swoon. So, I held onto the box for awhile and wore the bracelet a bunch. The great thing is that if I didn’t like any of the pieces, I would have packed it up and sent it right back for a new one since Rocksbox offers unlimited exchanges. I wrote my honest reviews on their site and crossed my fingers the next box would have more pieces I loved.
Box 1 // Here’s a shot of the bracelet I was crazy about. I considered buying it, but even with the 20% off it was a little outside of what I would spend on a bracelet. That is one of the great parts of Rocksbox though, you can wear and style designer jewelry pieces that you may not normally treat yourself to, for only $19 a month.
Box 2 // Two of the three pieces out of my second box are pictured above. During the time I had my first box, I figured out the whole “wishlist” part of the program. Wishlist is key guys. Seriously. With wishlist, members are able to request what pieces they are interested in getting both from Rocksbox’s photos on instagram and through the website. I began tagging pieces that I would like to receive and I was delighted to receive these crystal statement earrings off my wishlist!


Box 2 // Along with the delicate lariat and the crystal statement earrings I received the grey beaded wrap bracelet shown above. The necklace and bracelet weren’t really my taste again, so I went back and re-filled out the style preference evaluation/quiz on the website, being more selective and not as broad in my choices. I also filled out feedback on each piece hoping to give more clues as to my personal style. I was able to wear the earrings and bracelet (which I ended up liking on because of the grey ombre effect!) a few times before returning the set.


Box 3 // I literally squealed and did a little happy dance when I untied my third box. It was by far my favorite of the first three sets. All three pieces I received were off my wishlist, and I had a really hard time not purchasing them all. I love a good statement earring, I feel like they are almost necessary with my mess of long dark hair. This pair was the perfect mix of color and clear crystal stones, and they were drop earrings which, turns out, are my jam.
Box 3 // The next piece I was super excited about receiving is the Loren Hope crystal necklace pictured above. I loved this piece so much I even decided to buy it for the 20% off discounted members price. It is the perfect blend of statement and classic!



Box 3 // Here’s a quick snap of my all the pieces I received in my 3rd box. As you can see, the 3 pieces I received were the earrings, infinity bracelet, and Loren Hope crystal necklace. I don’t have any photos of the infinity bracelet styled, but it was such a delicate yet ‘me’ piece that I loved it so much. Also, that ‘shine’ necklace near the top of the photo was a gift from Rocksbox that I received as a surprise in my first box from them – so sweet!

Box 4 // My fourth box was another amazing trio of jewelry. I loved this gold Margaret Elizabeth bangle with circular Labradorite stones! It is the perfect neutral piece for layering with other bracelets. One of my favorite combos is to pair it with this fringe bracelet (sold here) as seen above and below. I love the contrast of the swingy fringe and the structured bangle.

Box 4 // As you may have guessed, I opted to purchase this bangle at the 20% members price. It is my most expensive purchase to date, but worth every penny. I am already dreaming of how I can wear it in upcoming seasons, transitioning its smoky grey accent stones in with my fall wardrobe.

Box 4 // I’m a sucker for multi-colored necklaces, I think that are just so versatile. This necklace I received in my forth box was no exception, I loved the mint accent in an otherwise neutral statement piece.

Box 4 // How cute are the little quote cards that Rocksbox started including in their boxes? Just another little way they brighten my mail day. I really did love every piece, even though I could not manage to get a good shot of those grey Kendra Scott earrings to save my life! Despite being disagreeable in photographs, I did choose to purchase the earrings as well.

Box 5 // My fifth box was the first one that had a little hiccup in arriving. I was waiting on it after the ship date for a week, with USPS not bothering to update the shipping status. So, while I was bummed that it took so long, I complete targeted my anger at the mail service, and not at Rocksbox, since they normally have a one-to two day turn around with their priority mailers. Fingers crossed it was an isolated incident (my 6th one showed up on time; so far, so good). Once my box (finally!) arrived, I discovered, per usual, that it was well worth the wait. I know it sounds too good to be true, but every box that comes is better than the last! I loved this teardrop bangle in this gorgeous aqua chalcedony color. It was my second one from Margaret Elizabeth (I bought the one by her in my previous box) and I am officially a fan of her work! After a little back and forth on it, I ultimately decided I couldn’t part with this one either and purchased it.  

Box 5 // Like with the bangle and designer above, I was pleasantly surprised to fine another pair of Kendra Scott earrings in my fifth Rocksbox, especially after receiving and purchasing the grey pair in my previous box, I happily accepted and purchased this pair as well, the color and shape are gorgeous (and matched the bangle), and I will take the 20% member discounted price on anything KS any day of the week!

Box 5 // Recently, Rocksbox began allowing members to request what piece or pieces they would like in their very next set (its a separate text box in the area where you can put your feedback on your current box). I love this because even though I have 50+ pieces on my wishlist, there are certain things I either like more than others and would like sooner, or in the case I have upcoming events, like weddings and parties, I might want to request something particular to go with my outfit. Although none of the items I requested for this box were available, my stylist did a great job of finding pieces that were similar to the ones I wanted. Plus, I really loved the color theme of this set, which made pairing pieces together for a cohesive look super easy.

So that’s a little recap of my first 5 boxes, the sixth one arrived a week or so ago, but I have been so busy traveling and working, I have hardly had time to unpack it! Look for its contents soon on my IG feed.

As you may have guessed I have teamed up with Rocksbox to give you all a chance to try it out for yourself! Just use code rachelxoxo4 when signing up here for a free month of jewelry – absolutely no strings attached or commitment needed after the month; although, if you are like me, you will become addicted quickly!


Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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