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I don’t want to panic anyone, but Christmas is a month away. Say what?? Yep, only 30 days away, crazy right?! It’s even beginning to feel a lot like Christmastime. We received our first real snow in the motor city this past week and with Black Friday on the horizon, I am just buzzing with excitement! Christmas is my favorite time of the year; I love the bustle of the crowds, the spreading of good will, and the joy of celebrating the reason for the season! I must also confess that I am one of those crazy people who is almost done with their shopping. Giving gifts is by far one my favorite part of the holidays and I have been plotting and planning and shopping for months now. Next is wrapping, ribboning, and bowing, an OCD person’s pinnacle of bliss. But before I get too carried away, I thought I would share some of my favorite things to buy (and in some cases, receive).

To start, gifts for him. I think guys are always harder to shop for than girls because they are actually really simple and we tend to overthink it. I tend to follow three general rules: can he play with it, will he wear it, and does he already use it. Pretty simple, right? First, boys like toys – electronics, movies, tools, and the like, are all things that guys get abnormally excited about, we don’t have to get it, we just need to know it. Next, most guys are hopeless when it comes to shopping for themselves and rely on their partners to select and even purchase their clothing and accessories for them. Christmas is the perfect time to do this without having to drag him along complaining as you find pieces to replace or fill his closet. Lastly, is it something he already has or uses, again, really simple. Guys will use their stuff until it falls apart. Look for items that could use replacing – chipped coffee mug, worn wallet, scuffed belt, or items that he may enjoy a little higher end version of like shaving lotions and grooming tools.

For the special ladies in my life, I like to find gifts that they may not be inclined to buy themselves because they are busy taking care of all the other people in their lives. We all know women like this, they care about their family and friends and often put them first. The ones that always take your calls, make your coffee date chats last hours, dance with you til dawn, and wipe away your tears; your persons. Pamper and spoil these girls that are always there when you need them, time and time again, all year long with some comfy pj’s and a pair of slippers, some gorgeous beauty products, or jewelry. Look for luxe finishes, rich textures, and anything gold to brighten her holiday season!
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