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Hello Lovelies!! It’s only the second week of classes and I’m already super busy! I definitely miss the days where the first week of class was designated for essentially attending a ton of classes you thought you might be interested in, taking a week to figure out what you wanted to actually take, and perfecting your schedule. There was no readings, assignments, or homework, just a freebie week to finalized your classes for the semester. Being in my last semester has its downfalls, mostly that its business time right off the bat. Last week was full of lectures, notes, presentations, readings, homework, and projects already, phew! So, this pretty much put the kabosh on me zipping ahead on blog related things and posts this weekend and explains my poor attendance this past week. However, having Monday off for MLK day did have its benefits, we were able to photograph some outfit posts, so the weekend wasn’t a complete wash in terms of blogging.
So what did I do this past weekend? I spent a good amount of time on homework, but also a good amount of time ridding my apartment of the ghosts of last semester still lurking in the shadows. Since I had an incredibly lazy restful Christmas break, I did a poor job of wrapping up last semester and packing it away before this one started. I spend a good chunk of time sorting through papers, filing, cleaning, and organizing my study in preparation for the semester. Sigh. As an OCD person, I feel better just thinking about how much more functional and clutter free the space is. I also picked up some new supplies and feel confident in the room’s abilities to get me through the semester. After graduation however, big things will be happening and a giant super make-over will be happening all up in there. So, its good enough for now =)

Okay, enough about my boring weekend, onto something fun: clothes. Today’s outfit, which I wore to work this week, features some of my favorite pieces, and since it’s still beyond freezing here in the mitten, layers are an absolute must. This dark green knit sweater is one of the best purchases I have made this winter; it’s warm without being bulky, is a gorgeous shade of green, and was on sale for 40%; triple score! I didn’t have too many items that were green in my closet before this fall, but all that has changed! Maybe it has something to do with emerald being last year’s color of the year? Who knows, either way, I am loving this deep saturated tone, which is not only the color of the sweater but also a key color in this plaid shirt. This plaid was also a more recent purchase, entering my wardrobe last fall. The colors of the plaid are beyond perfection and it matches so many cooler hues and neutral colors, so it is easy to mix and match with! Another green purchase this year? These tights. I am a shameless colored tight wearer, and adorn them probably a few times a week (I prefer skirts to pants for work wear). Luckily for me and my preference for rainbow colored stems, Target has had an amazing selection and variety of colored tights this season; I have added quite a few new pairs because of this. =)

At first I though that between the sweater and tights, there might be too much green in this outfit (as if that’s a thing!) but I think with the grey skirt and plaid shirt breaking up the green and the fierce neckbling topping it off, the tights work with it. Which brings me to the skirt. Perfect, no? I mean, all you really need to know is that it has pockets and you are sold, right? It was enough for me at least. But in all seriousness this skirt is so comfortable and versatile, I even bought it in black I loved it so much. Although, my love of all things grey has me reaching for this one far more often.

So what’s left to discuss? Oh right, the jewelry! I mean this necklace is bananas, right?? (does anyone even say that still? oh well. I do, apparently) I found Meaghan and her shop Purple Peridot through instagram right before Christmas and boy am I glad I did! In the short time I have been introduced to Purple Peridot, I have purchased 4 pieces for me and several as gifts for Christmas. Her stuff is beyond gorgeous, I have already worn everything I bought at least once, and some, like this one, are even on track to be my new bff’s. This necklace and matching earrings are perfect dupes (buy here) of their much more expensive J.Crew counter parts, and the quality is amazing. Definitely check her out! Oh, and did I mention she is like the fastest at shipping around AND has sales weekly?? I’m obsessed. Go be obsessed too!










skirt: jcrew factory | sweater: target | shirt: jcrew factory | heels: payless | purse: target | sunglasses: forever 21

necklace & earrings: purple peridot | crystal bracelet: jcrew factory | bow bangle: old navy | link bracelet: jcrew factory 

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