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Happy Friday lovelies!! Two posts in a row…that’s crazy talk, right? Well, let’s not get to use to this, the universe might find out and smite me ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s hard for me to believe that January is almost over, 2014 is flying by already! How is everyone doing with their resolutions? I am doing well with some of my resolutions, and others are patiently waiting for more hours to miraculously be added to the day, AKA until graduation ๐Ÿ˜‰ On their closet remix challenges? I am doing outstanding with the remix challenge, no purchases for me! Well, except one sweater with a gift card I received for Christmas, but I don’t consider that a cheat! I will be posting soon about my 52 things in 52 weeks progress; I figured a monthly recap would be good to keep me on track. Did anyone else create a list for this year too?
Today’s post is an outfit I wore to work this week. It’s still ridiculously cold in Detroit, like negative temps plus the wind chill. I feel like my insides are permanently frozen. So, another sweater over collared shirt with skirt and tights outfit was a necessity, and is pretty much my work uniform, you can verify that via my instagram feed if you don’t believe me ๐Ÿ˜‰ Why tights in negative temps? you might be thinking….Well, I hate the white marks that creep up pant legs as salty snow water evaporates in the winter. I much prefer tights and skirts; no wet hemlines and no pesky white zigzags racing up my legs. If you are lucky enough to live where they don’t salt the roads, I envy you. However, here in the mitten, we salt the roads and sidewalks, and call me crazy, but I hate that it gets everywhere including my clothing. Hence my aversion to pants =)

This year my work uniform has been painted navy blue. I have been wearing it a ton, like “I think I might need color rehab because I am addicted,” wearing it. My apologies if you are sick of the color, but I can’t help it. Last year I wore almost exclusively black, but this year I’m gravitating towards navy. This sweater, which I also wore here, was a birthday gift from Kevin, and although I basically picked it out, I love it nonetheless. Plus, with how cold it has been this year, I have added quite a few sweaters to my closet to keep warm and this is no exception, so cozy! Are you living in sweaters this winter too?

In addition to being painted in navy, my daily outfits have been featuring some serious bling as of late. I have been wearing a statement necklace almost I just can’t seem to get enough! Today I’m wearing another fabulous and affordable piece from Purple Peridot. This necklace is ah-may-zing; it was seriously love at first sight! Plus, the colors are so vibrant they look spectacular against the stark white of winter AND will transition perfectly into the spring and summer (which can’t get here soon enough!). Have you been reaching for some extra sparkle during this bleak winter?










skirt: old navy | sweater: old navy | shirt: jcrew factory | booties: old navy | purse: target | sunnies: forever 21 | tights: target

necklace: purple peridot | purple bracelet: c/o our world boutique | link bracelet: jcrew factory | bow bangle: old navy 

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