2014 Closet Remix Challenge

Hi, my name is Ray and I’m a shopaholic. Legit, I’m verging on Confessions of a Shopaholic bad. Nothing makes me happier than the thrill of a new purchase, I love the high I get when I find a great sale item and when playing the mental math game to make my money disappear into glossy shopping bags. Due to my obsessive compulsive tendencies, I can get a little out of control without realizing it and easily overspend, leaving my budget on life support. I even have mood swings depending on whether or not I am able to get the items I actually set out to get, usually after some serious stalking. Both planned and impulse shopping are dangerous for me, because I can always find more things I want (I’m like a bird attracted to anything shiny). I am easily seduced by coupons, sales, and clearance items, part of the thrill of the “game” is the challenge of seeing how far I can stretch my money. In a weird way shopping, for me, isn’t always about the clothes or shoes or accessories, but the addiction/compulsion to get more for less. It has gotten a little out of hand, especially with the stress (which exacerbates my compulsions) of the holidays and the end of the semester, I was spending way too much on things I wasn’t even sure I needed or even wanted, just because the price of something was amazing. I also feel guilty about not picking something up on super sale, even if I barely have the money to afford it, I feel bad. It’s strange to think about. In addition to this compulsion are the mood swings associated with it. Feeling sad, mad, depressed, etc. are all common things I experience if I could not get something I actually want.

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I have become a spending monster and this spending, especially through the holiday season where I mentally justify everything with the promise of money coming in the following year, has left my insides and my bank account empty. I don’t need more stuff. I don’t want more stuff. In fact, I tend to hate stuff. It means less space with more to clean. So, what’s a shopaholic to do? With what do I replace the elated feeling shopping brings me? The answer, thanks to the wonderful @jen_murph on instagram, is the #2014closetremixchallenge. Joining instagram last year has been both a blessing and a curse to a shopaholic like myself. Within it I have found an amazing community of wonderfully kind, stylish, and creative fashionistas, whose friendships and inspiration have meant the world to me this past year. The flip side to meeting and following all of these amazing women, is that it gives me a serious case of the I wants. So many of the things I purchase is because I see them on instagram and immediately need to have them too (I used the hashtag #instagrammademedoit more than I would like to admit last year). I am only human, and as hard as I try, can’t help but sometimes compare myself to other bloggers and IG’ers, and can even fall victim to feeling the need to keep up with the Jones’ of the blogging and fashion world. But, I also get so much inspiration that I also buy pieces to recreate or give my own spin on outfits I love. The reasons to shop are endless,  right? 😉
Well, this year I am going to rehab. Participating in the challenge means that on a monthly basis, I will commit to not shopping – no new clothing, shoes, or accessories, and only creating outfits out of the clothing I already have in my closet with the exception of exchanges, returns, and giftcards, or replacing damaged necessities (runs in tights, leaky snow boots, etc.). January is my first month, and so far, so good! I participated in a closet remix challenge last June and had a fun time mixing and matching pieces I had from my closet. The challenge really encourages you to bust out the items in your drawers with tags still on them, dust off things you have forgotten in the back of the closet, and pair unexpected pieces to create fun new outfits, giving a twist on your trusted favorites. This new mental game of mixing and matching the things I already own is new puzzle for my compulsions to grab onto. The satisfaction of making new outfits out of things I have already used in other great outfits provides enough of a high to keep me from shopping, at least for a month or two at a time. I am also going to be more selective with the pieces that I do add this year, sticking to more classic pieces (I don’t even own a pair of plain nude heels) and fewer trendy items.
I have written on here before about getting the most out of my clothing, and this challenge is definitely in line with that goal. I have put together some collages of my favorite pieces that I bought this fall and winter and the multiple ways that I have worn them as inspiration for myself during this challenge, and you too, if you choose to join me!
Cable Knit Cardigan
Herringbone Vest
 Polka Dot Pencil Skirt
Leopard Loafers
Striped Sweater
Plaid Blanket Scarf
Taupe Ankle Boots
Crystal Sunburst Necklace
As you can probably tell by these collages, I definitely play favorites! All of these pieces highlighted are things I have purchased in the last 4 months and I have tried to get as much wear out of them without feeling like I wear the same thing everyday. Some of these items were bought because of instagram, such as the J.Crew Factory herringbone excursion vest and the Zara plaid blanket scarf. But others were filling a whole in my wardrobe, such as the taupe booties, which were my first pair of booties ever. My hope is that after rehab, every piece that I add to my wardrobe is used as frequently as I wear these favorites. This is also a pretty good representation of my style; comfy, colorful, creative, and all about the details. Being on a remix challenge only pushes my closet creativity further. I hope that this post inspired you to mix-up your closet this month too!

For those you of who are not on a challenge and would like outfit details, please visit their individual posts on my instagram account. Please shop the links below to add my favorites to your closet!


Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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