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Happy Friday lovelies!! TGIF, indeed. This is one week I am glad is over. As the semester begins its rapid descent to completion, my stress levels increase exponentially. It just seems like there are fewer and fewer hours in a day, which is just compacted by daylight savings. Now don’t get me wrong, I cherished my extra hour of sleep last weekend, but to be frank, having it be pitch black before 6 o’clock sucks. Having fewer hours of daylight makes my brain go into overdrive freak-out mode as it believes there are in fact less hours to do things too. Weird how much we associate time with light, or maybe its just me… Is anyone else suffering major panic attacks over not having enough time, and thinking its like 10 pm when its 6 pm? Such an anti-fun mind boggle. Crossing my fingers to adjust soon…gah!

Anyways, my time comprehension issues aside, this week has been biting at frosty temperatures which in turn has caused me to basically live in my warmest and coziest sweaters, cardigans, and knits. I have been getting a lot of inquires on my instagram outfit posts about where I have purchased several of the knits I wore this week. Unfortunately, almost everything my incredibly stylish followers inquire about is old news. I hang on to sweaters for ages and many of these are more than a year or two old. So, after I posted one of my favorite pieces this morning and received so much love over the cardigan featured, a piece that again, is several years old, I was inspired. Not wanting you ladies to miss out, I decided to put together a collection of other pieces currently available. Below are some of the outfits I have posted this week featuring my favorite sweaters.

Today: Grey Grandpa-style Knit Cardigan with Brown Corduroy Elbow Patches 
(Target 2-3 years ago)


looking back at the rest of the week…
Saturday: Over-sized Knit Cardigan in Taupe (outfit details here)
Sunday: Cream Cable Knit Open Front Sweater (Old Navy 2-3 years ago)
Monday: Caramel Cowl Necklace Open Front Knit Cardigan (Target this fall)


Tuesday: Leopard Print Cardigan (outfit details here)
Thursday: Yellow Knit Sweater (outfit details here)
One of my favorite details for fall and winter is elbow patches. I am sure you all love them too, how could you not? 😉 It’s such a classic detail, whether its mimicking classic tweed blazer patches I think of a professor wearing while smoking a pipe, pursuing his library, or the soft cardigan patches, adorned by the dad as he plays in the fallen autumn leaves with his kids, this trend is full of styling opportunities from generations of its male counterparts. Since elbow patches are a menswear inspired detail, I’m always compelled to reminisce about my grandfathers, and even my father, when I see them. The nostalgic aspect of the patches is just something I cannot escape. There is just something about elbow patches on sweaters and cardigans that make me feel like I am being wrapped up in their love and protective arms when I wear them, especially in this cardigan, with its muted, masculine tones.
All of my imaginative and emotional impositions on this detail aside (and now that you know how tangent driven my brain is), I also just love the unexpected pop of color and the fun new ways elbow patches are being done today to make a masculine detail a tad more feminine, like the sequined patches on the Old Navy cardi, or the heart shaped patches on the ASOS sweater. Another popular update to this classic style for this season includes leather patches (leather is everywhere right now!). There is also a transition to fastening them on pull-over sweaters in addition to the traditional pieces like cardigans and blazers. Any way you slice it, elbow patches are a must this season! Here are some of my favorite pieces available this year:
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 
5 / 6 / 7 / 8
9 / 10 / 11 / 12

I must admit that number 8 is by far my favorite. I love the color blocking (the cobalt is fabulous next to the grey) and the chunkiness of the knit, plus is a cardigan! Hello, lover! And, although I am a little cautious about all the leather popping up this season, these leather elbow patches are a phenomenal final touch on it. It’s most definitely going on my lust list!

Are you throwin’ elbow (patches) this fall?
Will you be adding any of these to your closet?

The last order of business I have before bidding you farewell is to announce the winner of the Zara plaid blanket scarf giveaway! Congrats to Keara L. for winning! I will be emailing you shortly =)

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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