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Hello lovelies and happy Wednesday! Today I am showing you a typical outfit I would wear, pretty much any day of the week. I even wore it to work last week. It may seem a little casual for work, and I usually wear things that a little dressier, but I work at an Architecture, Engineering, and Planning firm, and it is very laid back. Even though jeans are only officially allowed on Fridays, during the week it tends to be a little bit more on the casual side of business casual. Of course the male staff wear khakis and polos all week (it’s like the universal guy uniform) while the style of the women ranges from dressy to business to casual, with a lot of freedom to express your individual style.
Flannel – Old Navy / Leggings – Target / Tank – Target / Purse – Target (out online, here in black)
Boots – Target / Bracelet – Jane (similar) / Necklace – Jane (similar)

In general, I always dress comfortably and I love to dress how I am feeling; sometimes dressy, sometimes preppy, sometimes trendier, sometimes cozier, it depends. I kind of just pick a piece I love that day (it’s hard for me to pick out clothes before the morning of that day, because I don’t always “feel” like wearing what I picked out ahead of time on that day) and then focus the rest of my outfit around it. My style is more about the other items I pick to go around that one piece, I love color, I love neutrals, I love prints and patterns, I love to play dress up. I have fun =) So while I probably wouldn’t use one word to describe all the kinds of looks I wear (like girlie or preppy or vintage-y), I would say overall, I create cohesive looks, pieces that look like their marriage together (for that day) is a happy one. Back to the point, I really enjoy working somewhere where I can wear what I want for the most part and don’t have to conform in someway that makes me uncomfortable or like I can’t just be me.



My love affair with plaid is in full swing. I simply cannot get enough of it! Remember this post with my mad for plaid wishlist? Well, I may have caved and gotten the Zara Scarf…oops. It was just eating away at me, I couldn’t resist it taunting me anymore and ordered it. I cannot wait til it comes! Plaid has also been featured here and here, so I would say I’m sorry for the plaid overload, except, I am not sorry at all. Buckle up, because there is going to be a lot of plaid on the blog this fall. <3



Sharing time: my hair is in this bun because it is on its last legs before requiring a washing. I don’t wash my hair every hair, its more like every two to three days. I find that washing it daily dries my hair out, and also, quite frankly, I don’t have the time to wash it all that often, its long and take forever to wash and condition, plus it’s a pain in the behind to deal with when wet due to its wavy and unruly nature. So up into a bun it goes. I like to call this recycling my hair, it sounds better than I am lazy, tired, or busy, right? 😀 I don’t use a bun helper or anything, I brush the waves out, put it in a pony tail, use a brush to back-comb the half closest to the ponytail hold, smooth the outside hair of the now fluffy ponytail with a fine tooth comb, and twist into a bun, securing with a bobby pin or two. Secure with hair spray and off I go. Since my hair is long and heavy, I don’t often where it up as it gives me headaches, boo. Anyways, now you know my secret to my dirty bun!

So this turned out to be quite a random post…probably because I cannot focus on anything lately! My brain is overworked, overwhelmed, and in serious need of a fancy coconut drink on a beach. But alas, that is not in my brain’s future…it will have to settle for a glass of wine after the week is over. Well I am off to do more homework, hope everyone has a great day!

Does your job have a dress code?
Do you recycle your hair?
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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