Fall Favorites

For me, there are just certain things that make each season “feel” different from the last. Transitioning from summer to fall and from fall to winter, there are things that I reach from more in fall than in either season its between. I decided to create a post honoring those things. These are items I am seriously obsessed with during fall; some are timeless favorites I look forward to every year, others are new items that will hold a special place in my memories associated with fall for years to come.
So, on to the “feeling” of fall… There is just something about fall that reminds me of the feeling of coming home, and definitely the picturesque Hollywood rendition of coming home: you enter your parents house where there is a hot meal on the table, a fire in the hearth, family members in matching sweater sets laughing gleefully, dogs and cats napping together peacefully, sun setting over the trees, the warm and fuzzy version that you store away in your daydreams about how life should be. You know what I mean? Well, this is the type of genuine warmth and happiness that I feel pretty much all the time during fall (absent grad school induced mental meltdowns, of course). Between the colors, the scents, and the textures, this time of year just makes me feel warm, welcome, and content.
Of course there are things that universally ring in the season (and don’t just occur in my daydreams), especially here in Michigan; the changing leaves, the glossy apples, the plump pumpkins, the chill in the air. But other items too, pumpkin flavored everything hits the market (why hello PSL, I certainly have missed you), the kick-off of the season of baking (AKA the season of stretchy yoga pants), and the return of boots (good-bye pedicures, I shall use that money for extra PSL’s and yoga pants). No matter where you experience fall, I hope you have the same feelings I do for it, because they are seriously the best. So, as I bask in the glowing hangover of summer known as fall, I will be using the following items pretty much non-stop. I would highly recommend you check them out!
Foxy Mug: Seriously, how cute is this little guy? One of my sisters works at Pier 1 and I am obsessed with all of their mugs. Every season, every mug. They have the best designs, cutest concepts, and you can never have too many mugs, right? 😉 So, as the weather starts to dip, grab an adorable mug from your coffee, tea, or hot cocoa, I know I do!
Taupe Booties: Fall = boots, its pretty much a universally accepted fashion trend every year. This year the crops of amazing booties (the vertically challenged sibling of boots) has been insane! Because booties have been so popular this year, there have been so many great steals and deals, making it hard to say no to picking up a pair, or two! I love this pair from Old Navy because the heel is low and comfortable, the color is perfect, and price is right in my budget. I can’t stop wearing them. For real, an intervention must be looming…
Zara Plaid Scarf: Normally I would not spend this much money on a scarf, and I wear one everyday. Because of my attention disorder when it comes to accessories, I always hesitate to spend more than 10 to 15 bucks on one item. I am definitely a more is more type of girl when it comes to having a variety of scarves, bracelets, necklaces, shoes, etc. so low price is important to me. BUT…I couldn’t help myself. I love plaid and know that if I were to invest in this piece I would use it frequently…and I have. Plus, it totally doubles as a blanket its so huge, so its ability to keep me warm in the epic cold that is Michigan’s winter will be a bonus!
Colored Tights: These are the best brand. Seriously. This year Target has tights in every color (I wear black tights like they are going out of style, but these fab colored ones are giving basic black some serious competition!) and tons of sizes. I am not a skinny mini so I always get excited when on trend pieces are made in bigger sizes (read: no sausage legs). I wear tights all through the fall and into the winter, they are the cheapest way to extend your summer pieces into the cooler months so you get extra wear of out them. Plus, they keep your stems warm and add an extra punch of color and dimension to your outfit.
Pumpkin Cupcake Candle: I am obsessed with candles. I have tons in every room of my apartment. They make my apartment smell incredible AND they provide extra heat, which for a girl who is perpetually cold is a huge bonus. In the fall, I love pumpkin, caramel, and apple scents. When they are on sale I stock up on Bath and Body Works candles because they smell so, so good! Otherwise, I usually get the jar candles from Michael’s craft store.
Soft Lips in Vanilla: By far my favorite chap stick. I am a total chap stick addict and couldn’t live without these, especially as it gets windier and drier indoors.
Leopard Heels: Leopard print heels, enough said right? They are fab. I have been incorporating more leopard print details into my outfits lately, I think, as I am sure you may too, that its the perfect neutral. Leopard is also great for print mixing and can seamlessly make a black, brown, or black and brown monochromatic outfit even more chic! These are cute, comfy, priced right, and a must for the fall.
Rich Hued Lipsticks: Fall is definitely the time of year I switch from nude lip glosses to richly pigmented lip sticks. As a poor grad student, I am on the hunt for lipsticks that fit the adage; champagne taste on a beer budget. This translates to drugstore brands. I have recently picked up a few Revlon brand lippies and I must say for $4.99 I am impressed. The color is long lasting, I only needed to reapply after meals, and the color was rich and pretty pigments for the price. Additionally, the formula was creamy and didn’t dry out my lips which can be a problem for me. Definite win.
Statement Necklace: I have been swooning over this necklace from JCrew Factory since it came out a few months ago. Unfortunately everyone else was too! It sold out quickly and I miss the boat. Single tear of sadness. Until….Jane.com offer a look-a-like at a fraction of the price. Sound the trumpets! So, I immediately snatched one up and upon its arrival a few weeks later, was pleasantly surprised at its quality and versatility, is absolutely goes with everything!
Vermont Honey Apple Body Gel & Cream: One of my favorite fall scents, its fresh and clean, a very light fragrance; I often stock up as it is a seasonal scent. The body gel is thick and doesn’t dry out my skin, which I tend to have an issue with in body washes. I also apply the cream twice daily to keep my skin hydrated and love the Bath and Body Works formulas in general. I have a few favorite scents and this is one of them. This year I also invested in the body mist, which is a nice touch-up mid day for the scent. They are a little pricey, but I watch for sales and think they are worth every penny!
Herringbone Puffer Vest: This has been an almost daily wear for me this fall, if you follow me on instagram you are probably tired of seeing it 😉 I am so glad I followed the IG frenzy over this vest and rushed to my nearest JCrew Factory store the day they hit the shelves to ensure I got one. It was totally worth it. I did get it on sale, however it cost a pretty penny. I have been wearing it so much, in part to get my monies worth, and also, in part, because it is awesome and goes with everything! Seriously, its the perfect print to mix with other prints, can be dressed up or down, and goes with every color under the sun. This vest also inspired me to pick up a few other more budget friendly options from Old Navy which I also love (here and here)!
Cognac colored Satchel: Again, as if this needs an explanation. Its been all over my blog and my instagram feed. This bag is seriously everything. Best purchase by far of this season, hands down. Target truly did it again.
Pumpkin Spice Latte Mixes: The return of the PSL to Starbucks is my favorite national holiday. Better than Christmas you say? YES! I would wholeheartedly reply =) As much as I would love to get a PSL every day, sometimes twice a day, during the fall, my wallet would not be happy if I did. That is why I love that Starbucks is selling PSL mixes that you can make at home, genius! A time and money saver wrapped up with a tasty little bow, what’s not to love?
Essie in Fall Colors: I am not going to lie, I am new to Essie. I blame thank instagram for introducing me to what my pretty little finger nails have been missing. It was a quick courtship with her before falling madly in love. I was never a nail polish girl. My sisters all are, but I proudly wore naked nails, toes included, (gasp!) for years. I never really saw a point, I have always wanted to spend my limited free time doing other things, cough napping cough, and thought it was a waste of time to paint them only to have them chip and remove the polish in a week (or less). But then, I realized how pretty nail polish is, how much of an expression of the person it is. Its really an intimate thing, I think, seeing what color a girl chooses to paint her nails. So, now I try when I have time, to accessorize my tips with one of the many amazing colors from Essie. They have EVERY color ever, I am not even exaggerating. Its awesome. I am a picky girl, in addition to be a mani newbie, always looking for just the “right” color to commit to. This being said, I have accumulated quite a few “just right” colors from Essie these past few months. However, these two, After School Boy Blazer and Sole Mate are my fall faves. They are rich and dark and remind me of school uniform plaids, which I love, probably because I didn’t have to wear a school uniform… Anyways, try them and see for your self!
Okay, well that completes my fall, can’t live without them or I would probably die, favorites! Thanks for bearing with me and I promise I will be back with some outfit posts and even a fun collab this week =)
What can’t you live without this fall?
Are you addicted to any of my favorites? 
Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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