Casual Friday: Birds, Stripes, and Tassels

Its finally Friday! I cannot express how excited I get when Friday rolls around. I get to come straight home after work, no class, and just relax. Sigh. Usually we do date night, since neither myself or my bf has the energy to cook come Friday night, but when we are in school, we are both too tired to even go out or do anything other than order pizza and catch up on the DVR for the week. Lazy? Maybe. Awesome? Definitely. So I look forward to a night in, taking a break from learning, working, and doing homework, just doing nothing for a few hours.

Before my evening of uninterrupted, mindless bliss commences, I need to work. At least its casual Friday, which means jeans, comfy shoes, and no rush to finish all my work before leaving early for school. Today, I am sharing a typical casual Friday outfit with you. It features my staple skinny jeans, some layers to stay warm as fall settles in, and this amazing iced tassel necklace from Mint Sugar Boutique.


Sweater – Old Navy / Shirt – Target / Jeans – Old Navy / Shoes – Target
Purse – Target / Necklace – Mint Sugar Boutique (option)
Pave Link Bracelet – Hawthorne Collection (option) / Spike Bracelet – Urban Peach Boutique


I first saw this necklace on Emily and Bethany, and knew it I HAD to get one. Unfortunately I was not the only girl to feel this way and they sold out quickly. So, when the boutique offered a pre-order for their next shipment I jumped on it, not wanting to be left without one for fall. The shipment was finally received and they sent out the new orders this week. As soon as I received the package I ripped it opened and threw it on. Did it look silly with my navy shorts and tee? Probably, but I didn’t care, I was in love. And as they say, people do crazy things when they are in love! Today I am styling it down, but I can easily see this necklace with a dress, cardi, tights, and boots soon too. Anyways, this is an amazing piece and I cannot wait to wear it all season long!


Confession: I am definitely that girl who finds something she loves to wear and then proceeds to buy all of its brothers and sisters. Take the Old Navy crew sweatshirt I wore yesterday. I got the grey embellished one as well as the one I am wearing today. In the interest of full disclosure, this one today was the original and the rest were the sequels, but only because my store didn’t have the sparkly ones (hence being put on my wishlist) in store when I purchased this raisin stripe one. So, I guess you can take this as my official endorsement that this sweater is amazing and you should get some too!


Lastly, I want to give a shout out to Target, for creating the most perfect and affordable cognac colored satchel (with detachable crossboday strap) for the fall. If you follow me on Instagram then you know this bag has pretty much been center stage in my photos since I got it a few weeks ago. I cannot express how perfect this bag is or stress how highly I recommend it. From color, to size, to shape, and finally price, this is a must have for fall! I also have Target to thank for this adorable bird shirt and these incredibly comfortable moccasins. What would I do without Target? They have truly done it again!


What are your most recent Target must-haves?

How would you style this tassel necklace?

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!!

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!

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